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France Simulator 2

France Simulator 2

Download “France Simulator 2” right now to:
- Immerse into the world of ruling the whole country.
- Learn what everyday tasks the President has to solve.
- Create a prosperous country.

Develop a thought-out ideology and country development strategy to improve the quality of living.
Do not forget about the following tasks:
- Handle emergencies occurring in the country.
- Ensure your own safety.
- Fight corruption.
- Fight terror groups.
- Wars and expansion.
- Espionage in the enemy’s army.
- Conduct army drills (there more than 10 kinds of military weaponry available to you).
- Conclude commercial contracts and nonaggression pacts with other countries.

Appoint Ministers of key Ministries to ensure effective and reliable management of the country.

The game is available for

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