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MA 1 – President Simulator PRO

MA 1 – President Simulator PRO

Modern Age is a classic geopolitical strategy where you become the president of a modern state. Rule the state, research new technologies, expand your territories. Fight other countries and prove yourself as a wise president and successful military leader!

Wars System
Annex other countries, send your troops to capture resources. Build your fleet and military units. Espionage and diversions.

Sign non-aggression pacts, trade agreements, build embassies. Participate in the UN work.

Laws and Religion
Adopt laws appropriate for your way of developing the civilization. Choose an official religion of your country.

Production and Trade
Produce foods and materials to manufacture goods. Obtain resources. Make trades with other countries.

Many more features await you in the most epic game in the military strategy genre for smartphones! Are you ready to become a president?

Benefits of premium version:
1. All modern states available
2. No ads
3. +100% to day play speed button available

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