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Kievan Rus’ – Age of Empires

Fight and become the ruler of the world

President Simulator Lite

Are you able to build a superpower? Become a President and find out!

President Simulator Offline

Are you able to build a superpower? Become a President and find out!

The "President Simulator online"

Do you want to fight against players from all over the world for world domination?


Where to download simulator and strategy games

Each of us, at least once in his of her life, wanted to be a pilot, an astronaut or a doctor, and now there exist unique simulator games which let you make such dreams come true. Downloading simulator games us easy with this website. Having installed one, you’ll see how interesting it is to play as a country leader in your spare time.

Only our website offers a large number of simulators; you can download strategy games which are both entertaining and educational.

Downloading strategies is the best solution for those who love puzzles, thinking about what decision to make and unusual twists. As is known, these are many events that can occur in a country, and you are to manage them and solve all issues that arise. Depending on your actions, the population will prosper or suffer.

A wide range of games

The number of games to choose from is almost unlimited, so you will be able to choose both entertaining and educational games. Any game is so realistic that a player experiences various feelings and emotions.

We offer you to download the following country ruling simulators:

  1. Games in which you are to rule a country. Due to the elaborated concept, you’ll be able to choose a country and play as its President.
  2. Business simulators which are a kind of software which lets a player run a virtual business. A player is to choose a country and solve issues using many opportunities provided, and choosing the right option grants the first virtual income.
  3. You have a unique chance to download a simulator with which you can learn how to rule a country, including military troops. These games imitate wars and you get corresponding training.

For all those who want to play good simulator games, we would like to offer various kinds of games which feature choosing a country to rule.

One must remember that the popularity of country simulators is increasing with each day. Yet our website provides you with a variety of such games which you can use to learn various ways of helping the country population prosper. You’ll encounter accidents and dangerous issues which you’ll have to handle.

Any kind of game that you’ll find on the pages of our website will grant you lots of joy and positive emotions.