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Popular games

Age of Colonization

Simple geopolitical strategy

President Simulator Lite

Are you able to build a superpower? Become a President and find out!

Mexico Simulator 2

Will Mexico become a prosperous country, if you become its President?

France Simulator 2

Will France become a prosperous country, if you become its President?

Germany Simulator 2

Will Germany become a prosperous country, if you become its President?


Popular strategy games, where to download

It’s no wonder simulator games are a special part of the gaming industry. Our website gives you an opportunity to download popular strategy games, and each of them has already become a success and a favourite among millions of players.

On the pages of our website, you’ll be able to download popular simulators for your mobile with ease and choose the country you want to rule virtually. The key aim of such games is the imitation of country management or other fields which help you enhance your skills.

Our website features a great variety of games that you can download to your mobile device, including popular strategies. Such software will not let you get bored in your spare time.

Among the most popular games are the ones which let you rule a particular virtual country. Popular simulator games of this kind let you rule a country of your choice, participate in different events and make decisions which are important for everyone in the virtual country.

The “Popular simulator games for Android” section features the simulators which are most liked by players. Using these apps, a user can simulate the development of any country, as the gameplay features technical and physical peculiarities of such management. Making virtual wars is carried out with real virtual enemies, so you’ll experience the inexpressible emotions of playing in such detail.
Among the features which prove to be most popular among those users who love simulators is ruling a country. Such games let you focus on a specific aspect of real life, so they provide not only unique experience, but new skills.

Popular games – relevance and usefulness

The most important simulator games for mobile phones that you’ll find on the pages of our website are characterized by:

  • Good graphics
  • A wide variety of gameplay features
  • Richness in details

Due to such games, not only will you enjoy them, but you’ll also learn new skills that you can use in real life.

Popular game software of this kind has won the hearts of many users, since it turns spare time into moments of joy that they don’t seem to notice in real life.

If you want to download popular simulator games for Android, our website will be the best place for doing it. We guarantee that using any simulator game we offer you’ll experience wonderful moments that do not seem to be available in real life.