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Modern Age 2 – President Simulator

Modern Age 2 – President Simulator

Modern Age 2 is a geopolitical, economic and military strategy in which you have to rule one of the modern states as president. Are you ready to become the president of Russia or the USA? Will Afghanistan or Syria take the leading role of the region under your government? This game has no analogues on Android.

Manage the state, research new technologies, expand your territory. Fight against other countries and prove yourself as a wise president and a successful military leader! Impose your religion and ideology on the whole world. Your civilization needs a strong leader!

War System
Annex states and kingdoms, carry on war to seize resources and strengthen your power. Build a fleet, train an army, produce military equipment. Build airfields, arsenals, barracks and shipyards. Send spies and saboteurs on missions. Hold your enemies with nuclear weapons. Negotiate with separatists.

Provide your citizens with better and safer life conditions. Be sure to build such ministries as Ministry of health, education, infrastructure, culture, sports, justice, etc. that will help you coping with this. Make your state a tourist destination with the help of the Ministry of Tourism.

Sign non-aggression pacts, trade and research agreements, as well as defense treaties. Open embassies. Participate in the UN and the Security Council work; impose resolutions and sanctions. Join international organizations.

Laws, Religion and Ideology
Issue laws depending on the chosen path of civilization development. Choose the official religion and ideology of your state.

Manufacturing and Trade
Produce food and raw materials to make goods. Mine resources and generate electricity. Trade with other states and kingdoms.

Taxes and the Central Bank
Will you place your bet on production or high taxes? Will cheap loans boost your economy? What is your strategy, Mr. President?

Pirates and Terrorists
Bring discipline to the world; solve the problem with pirates and terrorists once and for all!

Internal events
Disasters, epidemics, pandemics, rallies, demonstrations, economic downturns – this is only part of what you have to face as the leader of the state.

But the most epic war strategy for mobile devices can offer even more! Mr. President, are you ready to build a prosperous state? Which path will you take? Dictator or soft president? Your choice and your strategy will be the key to the success and prosperity of the country and the whole civilization.
You can play Modern Age 2 without internet access.

The game is available for

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Ausu ()
20 апреля
Does Modern Age (1) get's updatet after release of Modern Age 2?
Кубот ()
13 мая
10 дней???
Капец как долго.
Ислам Ислам ()
20 мая
Поранше не можно выпустит?
Lucariotm ()
22 июля
Does the game also have a parliament?
Lucariotm ()
31 июля
When is the game finally released? ()
01 августа
هل تتوفر اللغه العربيه
viuw ()
02 августа
when is this release? not according to the schedule set. very disappointing
Yulianov ()
04 августа
When launch it
Eduardo ()
10 августа
Олег Удовиченко ()
21 августа
Когда буде випущена игра?
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