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Sales & Marketing Professionals
Ukraine, Odessa
Working hours
Full employment

What you will work on:

  • Support and promote the company’s and its games’ communities in the following social networks: Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter;
  • Run promotional campaigns (preparation and launching of targeted advertisements and ads in communities: targeting audience, creating ads, efficiency analysis, etc.);
  • Create appealing and informative content;
  • Answer to questions asked by users using Google Play, social networks and e-mail;
  • Attract new players using social networks (it will be an advantage if you have experience in working with the English-speaking audience);
  • Track analytics (conversion);
  • Working with gaming websites, gaming media and other kinds of mass media;
  • Development of a strategy for promotion in social networks that is aimed at successful results.


  • Discipline (the employee is to provide quality work within certain terms and complete the tasks he or she is given);
  • It is important for you to be interested in our products and working in our company that specializes in developing games for mobile devices;
  • Knowledge of English, Russian and Ukrainian;
  • You must know the company products to a tee (you will be given time to learn more about them);
  • You must have an Android smartphone (to learn more about our products);
  • Basic Photoshop skills;
  • Good writing skills, literacy;
  • Creativity, the wish to develop;
  • 1+ year experience (we can employ a person with no experience, but having the wish to develop skills related to this field. It is required to know SMM and SMO).

The position implies distance work, so you will need the ability to manage your time properly. Remote work does not mean you will not work J You will have to work on a daily basis - it’s not a side job or freelancing. It is a regular job that is remote and requires about 4 hours of working per day.

It will be an advantage, if you live in Odessa.

Salary: $400.