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The map is divided into 20,000 territories. Territory colours are in RGB. You can filter the countries by:

  • Peace agreements
  • Commercial agreements
  • Non-aggression pacts
  • War status
  • No filter

Using them, you can assess your current state of affairs.

Water present on the map is blue.

The red colour is for neutral territories.

If a territory is of some other colour, it means it belongs to another country.

If you click on your own territory, you will see information about it.


You can click on a neutral territory to conquer it if you have not exceeded the territory limit.

If you click on a territory belonging to another country, you will see the following menu options:

  • Information about the country;
  • Commercial agreement conclusion;
  • Espionage;
  • Peace agreement or war declaration;
  • Non-agreement pact;
  • Embassy construction;
  • If a war has been declared, you can attack the territory in question.