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Security Service

  • Intelligence – each star adds 2% to the Intelligence parameter.
  • Counterintelligence – each star adds 2.1% to the Counterintelligence parameter.
  • Cryptography – each star adds 1.7% to Intelligence and 1.4% to Protection.
  • Personnel training – each star adds 2% to Protection.
  • Military intelligence service – each star adds 2.5% to Intelligence.
  • IT – each star adds 2% to Protection.



This parameter determines the amount of information (number of troops on the territory) received using the Espionage option available at the Ministry of defence. It can be changed in the Security Service section.


This parameter determines the chance of successful information protection.

Espionage falls into 4 types:

  • The number of military units and machinery of each type.
  • Economic. The number of plants.
  • The number of resources of each kind.
  • Development level of each Ministry.

The higher the Security Service development level, the more information you will get in the report.

You can use the Espionage feature every 30 minutes. It applies only to territories, not to countries.