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Battle simulation

Battle simulation is used when hostile armies meet near the country border. It happens when some country attacks another country. In this case, units start firing at each other. It happens 8 times (8 rounds). Whoever has weaponry left, wins the battle. If both players have units remaining, the battle ends in a tie, and the attacker returns home.

In each round, the military machinery and defensive units fire at each other. Each unit attacks a random target once.

Machinery fire power is determined by the attack parameter. At the end of the round, machinery that has no armor left explodes.

After the attack, all armor points of the machinery that remained are restored to their initial value.

After the battle, you see a report on the battle.

Battle outcome:

- If the attacking player loses, his troops are destroyed completely, the army of the defender suffers losses, and the area remains to be part of the defending country’s territory.

- If the battle ends in a tie, both players suffer losses, the remaining machinery of the attacker is brought back to the area from which it was deployed (in case it is annexed by another country, the machinery is brought to the capital).

- If the attacker wins, the player is offered the following options:

  • Have all the resources available on the territory and return to the base.
  • Annex the territory, if the territory limit is not reached.