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Main screen

There are two buttons available in the upper left corner. The first one is the main menu button; the second one is the store button. They are followed by the budget amount, the revenue per day parameter, your rating (population opinion) and the number of people living in the country. Then there are three buttons used to control game time.

Below is the news bar and current date.

Then there are three sections. The first one displays the basic expenses. Expenses of each Ministry per day.

The next one displays your revenue gained from each industry, taxes, trade and loans.

The last section displays the level of population satisfaction with the department performance. The green smile means the population is satisfied, while the red one indicates people are irritated by the non-feasance. This can be controlled by means of investing more money in a particular department (by increasing the amount of stars, staff, salaries and other benefits). The fewer red smiles there are, the slower popularity rate decreases.

The screen title bar also features rating, news and map buttons. Besides, there are the buttons listed above.