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Growth, decrease. Factors affecting the population.

Ministries and Departments

Functions of each Ministry and Department

Main screen

Features of the main screen.

Central Bank

Loans taken from countries and the IMF

Tax agency

Taxes and their role in the game


Ideologies and their advantages


Religions and buildings related to them.

International organizations

Application and advantages.

The General Staff

The General Staff tab and its features.

Military potential

How the military potential parameter is determined.

Foreign affairs

Diplomacy. Building embassies, concluding commercial agreements and signing non-aggression pacts.

Economy. Branches

Goods production. Economic branches.


Attacking another country, defending your country, wars between countries.

Building construction

Basics of building construction.

President rating

Factors leading to the growth and falls of President rating.


Weapons for the army, National Guard and police.


Duty descriptions and the cost of hiring Ministry executives.

Staff and salaries

Ministry staff and salaries.


Selling goods. Prices, and goods available for sale.

Revenue per day

Sources of revenue per day.