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Ministries and Departments


Decreases the number of crimes occurring in the county. National Guard formation. Providing weapons for police and National Guard. Police and National Guard staff and salary management.

Power industry

Power industry of the country


Environmental situation and ecological statistics.

The Ministry of Emergencies

It affects the number of disasters and other accidents occurring in the country.



Infrastructure quality and level.

Housing services and utilities

Population quality of living, house and blocks of flats construction and extensive repair.


Culture issues, culture-related construction, event holding.


Social benefits which affect the mortality/birth rate in the country. Population statistics.


Country sports achievements. Sports facilities construction.


Science and research

Research funding. Carrying out researches in order to increase industry performance.


Ministry of defence

Increasing the military potential of the country. Building military facilities, drill staging, army improvement and salary increase.

Military potential

Country military potential rank, army power rank.


Population educational level. Education facility construction.


Length and quality of life, access to drugs, hospitals and clinics. Healthcare facility construction.

Ministry of justice

Corruption level and law enforcement. Justice facility construction.

Employment of population

Affects the unemployment level.

Security service.

Spying on the enemy army. Special operations carried out to fight terrorists.


Ministry of foreign affairs

Ministry performance improvement increases the probability of lucrative commercial agreement conclusion. Embassy construction, commercial agreement conclusion.