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Tax agency

Taxes and business control level benefit your revenue per day but are not liked by the population and thus decrease your popularity. If taxes are very high, you will get significant revenue per day increase, but your popularity will drop dramatically. 

On the tax management screen, you can see statistics for the current year.

As the country leader, you can write off company debts or get the money via the courts. Your decision will affect your popularity rate. Bringing such cases before the court will lead to popularity decrease, while writing off debts has the opposite effect.

Using this screen, you can also replace the department executive by clicking the “Change” button. The description and advantages of appointing each executive are stated next to his name.

Inspection reveals violations resulting from poor tax agency performance and illegal entrepreneur operations. All this affects the result of it. If it was the state which violated the law, it must reimburse the losses of entrepreneurs. If it is the businessmen who are guilty, they will return the money to the budget.