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President rating

President rating depends on Ministry and Department funding, salary and staff management, and social benefits. The more money you invest in them, the slower your rating drops. If President remains inactive, his rating falls, and this system is implemented in the game.

Factors affecting the rating fall speed:

  • Ministry and Department funding (stars).
  • Salaries.
  • Staff.
  • Tax levels (slider bars).
  • Social benefits.

Short-term beneficial effects:

  • Construction of culture, sports, educational facilities, the Ministry of emergencies facilities, healthcare, infrastructure, justice and religious facilities.
  • Events held using the Culture tab.
  • Successful Security Service operations.
  • Winning a war.
  • Helping in case of disasters.

Short-term adverse effects:

  • Losing a war.
  • Manifestations.
  • Strikes.
  • Epidemics.
  • Ignoring disaster notifications.